The MECC campaign has been designed to be easily accessible and hands-on for everyone who wants to get involved. If you’re the MECC lead for your organisation, it’s time to get busy! While we’ll be on hand to help out when you need it, this toolkit should give you everything you need to plan your campaign and start making every contact count.

Inside the toolkit you’ll find:

  • Striking facts and figures behind the health challenges we want to tackle – perfect for grabbing peoples’ attention
  • A clear explanation of the main MECC messages
  • Hints and tips on finding support and focusing your time
  • Help identifying different audiences in your organisation
  • A list of the channels you may want to use in your campaign
  • An overview of our ready-made resources (links below) as well as advice on how to make your own
  • Advice on how to evaluate and celebrate your achievements

By the time you reach the end, you should be all set to take MECC far and wide across your organisation and start really making a difference.