What was the Public Health issue?

The patient had a number of neurological conditions coupled with a chronic mental health condition. She had lost entitlement to a state benefit which, as a result, led to her being in severe debt, neglecting her health treatment, was unable to feed herself and heat her home and would not leave her house.

What was done to address the issue?

She had poor trust in statutory services but there is one professional at Walton whom she has fostered a good relationship with over the past years. This professional brought her directly to us and asked for our support. I then took on the patients case and managed it from March 2017 until present day.

What was the outcome of the intervention?

The benefits issue was case managed and appeal was lodged immediately, with the case being taken over from Citizen’s Advice. 2 year wait to go to tribunal. During this time, 3 x weekly check ins with the patient and management of income, applications for Discretionary Housing Benefit, liaison with Social Services and MH services on her behalf, housing association Welfare officer visits completed, patient transport organised, applications for fuel funding managed, debt advice given. Eventual tribunal date attended and represented in March 2019 and case was successful, resulting in approx. 10,000 back pay for patient which she has now used to pay off her debts accrued during financial hardship and can afford to feed herself and aid her physical and mental health.