What was the Public Health issue?

Smoking Cessation

What was done to address the issue?

  • Ensuring we maintain smoke free site
  • Amended the smoking cessation assessment tool for staff to use more in-depth to ensure accurate assessment and correct pharmacotherapy support is given
  • Staff training: E-leaning modules available, MECC and VBA smoking cessation
  • Face to face smoking cessation training for 4 uniquely identified groups focused on prescribing pharmacotherapies
  • Smoking cessation repository available on staff intranet for signposting

What was the outcome of the intervention?

  • LHCH is pleased to have achieved GREEN in the annual Smokefree NHS Survey carried out by Public Health England.
  • LHCH scored 7 out of 7 and is rated as GREEN which means that the Trust is considered to have demonstrated positive steps towards comprehensive smokefree status, defined as:
    • every frontline professional discussing smoking with their patients
    • stop smoking support offered on site or referral to local services
    • no smoking anywhere in NHS buildings or grounds
  • Public Health England informed us that they are very pleased to see trusts scoring highly in this survey. This gives them assurances that trusts are in a good place to continue developing their policies and practice further
  • Uptake of MECC training >90% for uniquely identified staff
  • >70% for smoking VBA module launched Oct 2018
  • Met the milestones set out within the risky behaviours CQUIN
  • Positive culture for smoking cessation
  • Overall throughout the year 2018-19
    • 87% patients offered a referral to smoking cessation services
    • 95% patients having smoking assessment
    • >90% patients receiving Brief intervention
  • Brief interventions now recorded as delivered with in line with MECC training .
  • Patients are prescribed a variety of evidenced based pharmacotherapies based on individual assessments